Why Your Furry Troublemaker Needs Pet Insurance.

Why Your Furry Troublemaker Needs Pet Insurance.

Even well-behaved pets occasionally get into things they’re not supposed to. Learn how pet insurance can protect your pet from themselves.

Boston terriers are amusing, bright, and friendly; they make great family dogs, as pet parent Karey Lynn Jones knows very well. Her Boston, Bandit, is a puppy mill rescue with a sunny spirit and, unfortunately, a penchant for eating everything in sight.

The first red flag was when Bandit began vomiting up his dinner. After Bandit’s breakfast didn’t sit well either, Jones took action. “I called the vet at 8:30 am, he saw us at 9:30, and Bandit was in surgery by 11 am,” she recounted.

The surgical team discovered what was making Bandit so ill: he’d “borrowed” his baby sister’s pacifier, causing an intestinal obstruction. Dogs have a tendency to eat bizarre objects secretly, and these foreign objects can lodge in the intestines and prevent anything from passing. Depending on the type and amount of objects consumed, extensive surgery may be required, followed by a couple of nights on an IV in the hospital. It’s one of the costliest and most common claims, ranging from $500 to $3,000.

“Having pet insurance has helped me out when trying to decide whether to call the vet or not,” Jones said of her Healthy Paws Pet Insurance policy. “Having that safety net means that I don’t hesitate if one of my dogs seems like they’re in pain or uncomfortable. I call the vet immediately.”

The speediness of claim reimbursement by Healthy Paws was a welcome surprise to Jones, who used the Healthy Paws mobile app. Within three days of submitting Bandit’s claim via the app, she received a check in the mail.

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