RV Extended Warranty Companies

What is an RV extended warranty?

An RV warranty, also called a service plan or service contract, helps cover repair costs when the vehicle’s systems and appliances suffer mechanical failure. Warranty plans cover motorhomes, travel trailers, 5th wheel trailers, toy haulers, and other types of RVs.

We’ve researched the industry to bring you the top warranty providers.

For many travelers, RV warranties offers peace of mind for their recreational vehicle by covering RV repair costs. A reputable company allows customers to use their coverage at any licensed repair facility in the United States or Canada.

Mechanical Breakdown

A warranty covers repairs when items fail in their daily operation (the industry uses the term “mechanical breakdown”).  RVs are essentially houses on wheels, and even well-constructed motorhomes face immense strain from their time on the road. Many owners also complain that RV manufacturers follow lax quality control standards in an effort to keep up with growing demand.

Warranty or Service Contract?

Technically, the warranty coverage offered by these companies isn’t a warranty—warranties by definition come directly from the manufacturer. A more accurate term is vehicle service contract (some people even call them protection plans), but the companies on our list cover the same issues a warranty would cover.

Unlike a manufacturer’s warranty, an extended warranty is easier to customize and covers all items over the same period (with many RV manufacturer warranties, different items are covered for different lengths of time).

Warranty coverage depends on the type of policy purchased. Customers can choose what level of coverage they want, and motorhome owners can choose to cover the automotive components, the coach components, or both. Items that are typically covered:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Drive Axle
  • Refrigerator
  • Air Conditioners
    (both cab and coach)
  • Heating System (both cab and coach)
  • Fresh Water System
    • Waste Water System
    • Generator
    • Kitchen Center
    • LP Gas Systems
      (including gas valves)
    • Slide outs
    • Water Heater
    • Deluxe Appliances
      (icemaker, washer/dryer, etc.)

Not the same as RV Insurance

Remember, extended service plans cover costs related to mechanical components that break down. This is different than RV insurance, which covers damage from accidents and weather.

For example, an extended service plan like one offered by one of the companies below will cover the repair facility’s bill to fix the AC when it fails mechanically, perhaps needed replacement of the thermostat or compressor. If the rooftop AC unit is damaged by a falling limb, however, it will not be covered and would be an issue for the insurance company.

Some companies call their warranties “mechanical breakdown insurance coverage,” but their coverage is no different from that of other warranty companies.

For more information about the difference between an extended rv warranty and an insurance policy, check out this blog post.

Exclusionary RV Plans

There are two main types of coverage: Exclusionary and listed component.

Exclusionary policies provide a list of issues that are not covered. Anything not on the list is covered under the policy. A listed component plan works the opposite way: the policy lists the issues that are covered, and anything not listed is not covered.

Companies often offer extra coverage for things like tires and consequential damage.

What About Roadside Assistance?

Most service plans offer some roadside assistance services, or at least reimbursement for roadside assistance expenses. Some travelers might want to purchase a separate, more robust roadside plan, but many think the basic roadside assistance they receive with their plan is a good deal.

When signing up for a plan that includes roadside, read the fine print to understand how the coverage works.

When making an RV purchase, the selling dealer will offer extended warranty services, but this is often the most expensive way to obtain coverage. RV dealers make a lot of money from the sale of extended warranties, and if customers are financing the sale, they must pay interest on their warranty.

Because of this, many RV owners recommend buying an extended warranty from a third party company like the ones on our list. The price is generally lower, and customers have better coverage and payment options.

Just like a recreational vehicle is an investment, so is a warranty. Many buyers research the best RV brands to find the one that fits them best, and the same principle applies here: it’s a good idea to make a phone call to a few companies to feel out what will work best for you.


Because RV Warranties are complex products, the companies with the most satisfied customers are the ones that honestly and openly disclose plan details, pricing, and limits and exclusions to coverage.


Flexible coverage allows you to get the coverage you need. The companies we recommended offer a range of choices for coverage level, deductible, and/or payment options.


How the warranty works when you use it is a big factor for us. We looked at the claims process from start to finish and reviewed providers that offer reasonable service fees and simple instructions. These companies also allow customers sufficient time to notify them of repairs if they were performed without pre-authorization.


Companies with good communication and 24/7 customer support provide customers with superior service. We read reviews and spoke with repair facilities and service representatives to learn about how the RV warranty industry functions and which practices offer the best results of RV owners.


Who doesn’t like extra benefits? Roadside assistance benefits and discounts on goods, services, and memberships provide extra perks for RVers, and the best companies have something to offer in addition to their warranty coverage.

What to look for in a warranty:

  • Look for companies that are backed by an insurance company with at least a B rating. Be wary of low quality extended warranties backed by risk retention groups. All companies on our list are backed by rated insurers.
  • Choose a company that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau® (BBB). All companies on our list have accredited BBB business profiles.
  • Older or higher mileage RVs might not be eligible for all types of coverage or from coverage from all companies.
  • A reputable company will allow RV repairs at any qualified service centers in the US or Canada.

Our Top RV Warranty Picks

Warranty Companies

Best Overall

America's RV Warranty

  • 3rd Party Benefits included in Plans
  • 3 Plans to Meet Any Coverage Needs
  • Extra Coverage Options You Can Add On
  • 24/7 Claims and Customer Service Reps
  • BBB Accredited Business

The most recent addition to our RV Warranty list is America’s RV Warranty, a company that is shaking up an already competitive industry. Founded in 2018, they offer exclusionary and listed component plans for all types of RVs: Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes as well as towable RVs like travel trailers.. Coverage for seals and gaskets is available under certain policies, and customers can also add optional coverage for tires and/or consequential damage.

In an industry where coverage options are similar—companies often sell the same product—service sets one company apart from another. America’s RV Warranty stands out with superior service by being a partner with Strategic, their administrator, rather than just being a broker to them.

The distinction is small, but important. For customers, this means that ARW and the plan administrator work closely together, resulting in better follow-through and less snags during the process. The end result—a smoother ride through claims. Their policies cover repairs at any qualified repair facility in the US or Canada.

RV owners who choose America’s RV Warranty receive benefits such as service call reimbursement for mobile mechanics. Customers receive a free membership to the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), which provides discounts on camping and roadside assistance. The company also provides a membership to Money Tips, a free credit-tracking service that protects against identity theft and offers personalized financial tips.

America’s RV Warranty does not currently cover residents of all 50 states, so if you live in states such as California, Montana, or Hawaii, you might not be eligible for coverage.

Best for Flexible Deductible Options

Eagle Vision RV

  • Flex Length Coverage
  • Gas/Diesel/Trailer Coverage
  • Easy Purchase Options With Financing
  • Travel/Rental/Food Loss Reimbursement
  • 24/7 claims & assistance

For travelers looking for the ultimate flexibility in payment options, Eagle Vision RV offers a solution. Whether you’re looking to save money on a higher deductible or get the ultimate peace of mind with lots of warranty options.

Eagle Vision offers travel trailer warranties and motorhome warranties through two different administrators: Xtra Ride and Open Road. Eagle Vision is the exclusive broker for Open Road service plans. RV owners have the choice of exclusionary and listed component policies, and optional coverages are available for consequential damage, wheels and tires, audio/visual components, and 24-hour towing and roadside assistance.

Certain plans also carry a pet benefit, travel expense coverage, service call reimbursement for mobile mechanics, and food spoilage if the refrigerator fails. The benefits are policy-dependent, and not all policies are available in all states.

Eagle Vision is an industry newcomer, so customers who prefer a well-established company might want to gauge their performance by reading reviews (most of which are positive) on forums. Their website lacks organization, which can leave readers overwhelmed. It does, however, contain the itemized coverage that prospective customers would want to see before buying.

Warranty Provider
Warranty Provider

Good Sam Extended Service Plan

  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Coverage Available in All 50 States and Canada
  • Plans Are Fully Transferable
  • Travel Expense Reimbursement Covers Food, Lodging, & Car Rental Costs While RV Is In The Shop
  • No Roadside Benefits Included With Coverage

The longest-running company in the business, Kentucky-based Good Sam has been offering all sorts of RV services since 1966. Like other companies on this list, the Good Sam Extended Service Plan provides listed component policies for motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers.

They also provide service plans for tow vehicles and personal automobiles. For RVs, optional coverage is available for tire protection and seals and gaskets. Roadside assistance can be purchased separately for any eligible vehicles.

Customers also receive a few benefits. For example, the travel benefit assists with the costs of food, lodging, and car rental while the RV is in the shop. Good Sam allows RV owners to use any qualified repair facility in the US or Canada, but customers receive a 10% discount on non-covered repairs when they use a Preferred Provider.

Good Sam’s coverage is time-tested, but other companies might offer more extensive coverage. Their featured Gold Plan does not include the consequential damage coverage commonly found in other policies, and their website does not mention any exclusionary policies.

Their sample terms and conditions also note that they will only cover the cost of 1-2 hours of the service facility’s labor for diagnosis, depending on the issue. While this limitation usually won’t cause problems, it could mean the RV owner pays more out of pocket on major repairs.

As long as customers understand the coverage before buying, they won’t have any big surprises down the road, and the benefits of club membership enhance the RV lifestyle.

Vehicle Service Contract

RVING Solutions

  • 2 Plans To Choose From
  • Travel Expenses, Food Loss Reimbursement
  • Fuel/ L.P. Gas Delivery
  • 24/7 Concierge Service

RVing Solutions has been in business since 2005 and are well-established in the industry. Based in Lakeview, Ohio, they offer exclusionary and listed component policies for RVs (including travel trailers) and UTVs (utility vehicles). RVing Solutions works with two administrators—Interstate Star RV Program and Preferred RV—and provides a detailed list of exactly which components are covered on a given item. This list, which is featured on their homepage, is a valuable resource for RV owners seeking to understand how a warranty functions.

Aside from their coverage, RVing Solutions offers optional tire coverage and a solid set of benefits: towing (up to $1,000), emergency road service, food spoilage, and 24/7 concierge service. They also offer fuel/l.p. gas replacement, which assists with the cost of gas lost from repairs. Their travel expense benefit is more robust than other companies, covering up to $250 per day for food and lodging while repairs are in progress.

RVing Solutions models their brand as the hassle-free warranty company: they won’t use loopholes to deny claims, but will do their best to protect your costs. But even with the best of intentions, RVing Solutions is a broker just like any other company; they are not in direct control of authorizing and denying claims. Even so, their 15 year track record proves that they care about the coverage they provide to customers.

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