RV Insurance

RV Insurance
Types of RV insurance coverage
Dwelling and vehicle. Pleasure cruiser and portable pad. Exotic getaway and home sweet home. When it comes to your beloved RV, it's hard to settle on a standard description. That's why it takes more than just standard auto insurance to protect it. Among other options, a basic RV policy through.

Liability coverage
Helps pay for others' medical bills and property damage if you cause an accident. Your state likely requires at least the same amount of RV liability coverage as it does auto liability insurance.

Collision and comprehensive coverage
Collision helps pay to repair damage to your RV after an accident you caused. Meanwhile, comprehensive can help replace your RV if it's stolen or fix non-collision damage from things like falling debris, vandalism, and fire.

Keep in mind, if you live in your RV full time (and don't have any other residences), your basic coverage needs may be a little different. Depending on your specific policy, you could be required to have higher liability limits, or even purchase a complete full-timer's package, which includes coverages similar to those on a homeowners policy.

More RV coverage options
When you get your policy, you can add options to your RV insurance and secure protection for:

Your bodily injuries
Imagine you have an RV accident and sustain thousands of dollars worth of injuries — only you don't have enough health insurance to cover them. Thankfully, with medical payments coverage on your RV policy, you're covered.

In some states, you may have to reach your health insurance limit before medical payments can be used, and can only apply coverage to relatively recent injuries (the exact timeframe could depend on your policy, but typically within the last few years).

Your valuables
Your RV likely has a bevy of valuables regular vehicles don't, such as camping equipment, portable electronics, clothing, cooking supplies, and much more.

Your peace of mind
Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
Emergency towing
Coverage for rental cars if your RV breaks down