RV Warranty – A Good Investment?

RV Warranty – A Good Investment?

RVs are notorious for system failures, and sooner or later big and expensive things will break in every RV. If you do not like large and unexpected financial expenses, an extended RV warranty can mitigate or eliminate the cost altogether when an important on-board system stops working. There is a lot to be said about it when you are taken off the road and taken away from your travels and put in the waiting room of a recreational vehicle repair shop while you wonder nervously if the repair shop is good and if you are leaving your home to be repaired correctly.

Obviously, you could simply deposit the amount you had been saving to buy an RV warranty and use that money when necessary. It’s easy to go down that road when you remember that, on average, RV warranties must work in favor of the warranty companies or they could not stay in business.

There is stress in taking a detour to take your RV to the store if you are not in completely safe driving conditions. If you can not stay in your RV, it will stress you to know where you will stay while your RV is in the store. And there is stress while you wait, first for an appointment in the store, and then for the necessary parts to enter. Going through all that stress and at the same time knowing in the back of your mind that the repair will make a big hole in your bank account makes it even worse.

However, the peace of mind when chaos takes hold is an added value in itself. Leaving your travels to fix an RV is really stressful. And there are many stresses involved in any repair that is large enough to be worthy of warranty. There is the stress of finding a repair shop that has the right equipment, the right skill set and a good reputation, especially when traveling to a part of the country you do not know.

The purpose of an RV warranty is to pay in advance to cover potential costs later. Where they get the bad reputation is when you pay upfront to cover potential costs that never materialize or materialize but are not covered. However, if you think about it, in many ways, the devil you do not know can be worse than the devil.