Posted By Susy Salcedo on Nov 20, 2018

Sure, it’s the holiday weekend and everyone is all about shopping the best deals, but let’s face it: it’s more fun to be in bed. While we love good deals as much as the next person, it’s time to get real: you can find just as great deals during the holiday season. Doesn’t it sound better to curl up, relax, and enjoy yourself this holiday season? Without further ado, here are ten things that are better in bed

Binging Your Favorite Shows​

#10 – Binge-Watching Your Favorite Shows

Our bed is our sanctuary and sometimes it’s just nice to get away, pop open the laptop and watch literally 18 consecutive hours of British people baking stuff. Yeah, it could be fun to be on a couch with other people, but you know what’s more fun than that? Being in bed and doing that. Sure the couch is cool, but it doesn’t have memory foam, a billion throw pillows, and that special blanket that’s up to your optimal cuddling standards. Plus, the holiday season is time to indulge.

When you’re feeling like life, shopping, and cooking has gotten a little too out of control, take a personal day and spend it watching some comforting shows in bed. Just try to make sure that you don’t binge too late in the evening — all that blue light can hurt your sleep schedule! Take a break about an hour before bed, we recommend mixing in a nice warm bath, and then returning to go to sleep. Now that is relaxing in style.

#9 – Cuddle Your Brains Out

This might be a no-brainer, but it’s worth pointing out. Why bother cuddling anywhere else? Sure, the couch is an option, but awkward positioning can lead to arms falling asleep, cricks in your neck, and all manner of decidedly un-cuddly outcomes. If you’re looking for a spot to cuddle, chances are you’re going straight to the bedroom. It’s warm, inviting, and has more square inches of plush cuddle space than anywhere else in the house. That’s not an opinion, that’s straight up cuddling science.

Bring The Whole Gang and Have a Cuddle Party

#8 – Bring The Whole Gang and Have a Cuddle Party

What’s better than cuddling with your bestie? Cuddling with them, your dog, your cat, or your kids! Sometimes it can be fun to just take the afternoon and play some holiday music, watch the snow fall through the windows, and get a good cuddle going with the people you love most. Be forewarned: if you’re bringing kids or dogs to the bed, this can very quickly turn from a cuddle party to a jumping on the bed party. Either way, we heartily endorse the activity.

Back Massages Rule Harder in the Bedroom

#7 – Back Massages Are Better in the Bedroom

Unless you’re one of those people with a massage table in your house (and if you are, seriously, what?) then the best place you’re ever going to get a back massage is in your bed. Sure, you could lie on your stomach on the floor, but often that’s just going to end with a lot of dust on your clothing and floor lint in your mouth. A couch? Please, don’t get me started. For the most relaxing massage, you want the most relaxing place in your house — that’s definitely the bedroom. Bonus: If you’re feeling, uh, romantic after your massage, then you’re in a great spot to do something about it. If you’re just feeling sleepy, well, actually same thing! Snooze away!

Breakfast in Bed is a Classic for a Reason

#6 – Breakfast in Bed is a Classic for a Reason

“Hey,” someone might ask you. “What’re your two favorite things in the whole wide world?” If you aren’t saying breakfast and being in bed, then you really need to reevaluate your priorities. Being in bed is top notch, which is why we do it all the time. It’s comfy, it’s relaxing, and it comes before or after another favorite of ours — sleep.

Breakfast? I mean do we have to say it? It’s the best food, first thing in the morning, and it just makes us warm thinking about it. The person who combined breakfast and being in bed needs to win an award akin to the Nobel Peace Prize. We seriously think that if everyone was served breakfast in bed at least once a week that world peace would be achievable. Just watch out for crumbs in the sheets. Those are a deal breaker.

Playing Games, Video, Board, or Otherwise Can be a Gamechanger

#5 – Playing Games, Video, Board, or Otherwise Can be a Gamechanger

Sometimes having a lazy day needs a shakeup. If you’ve gone through all your favorite shows, your snacks are running low, and you want to inject some fun into the bedroom, then maybe it’s time for a game. While Twister might be out, there are tons of fun board games to idle away a lazy afternoon. Plus, if you’re losing and you’re feeling spiteful, it’s as easy as pushing the board off the bed and lying down for a quick snooze. Being a sore loser and a sweet sleeper never felt so good!

Selfies Get an Extra Boost When They’re Taken in the Bedroom

#4 – Selfies Get an Extra Boost When They’re Taken in the Bedroom

Taking a selfie in your bedroom is a win-win-win. Why? First off, you’re well rested, which helps prevent not only bags under your eyes, but makes your skin less oily, and gives you a youthful glow. Second, the high ceilings, natural lighting, and good wall coloring make a great backdrop. Grab your selfie stick, your phone, and start snapping. And you know your smile is genuine when you’re lying on the perfect bed.

#3 – From Clothes to Color Swatches, Organize Your Life

Your bed can be a perfect place to organize stuff. It’s up off the floor and represents a huge space to sort, switch, and organize. Why would you ever do laundry in a laundry room? Those places are dank, musty, and full of spiders. Your bedroom is comfy, cozy, and a great place to search for that missing sock in the pile. Not only that, a bedroom is often colored in your favorite neutral colors, making it an ideal place to look at color swatches if you’re thinking of painting other parts of your house. From laundry to brainstorming, using your bed as a makeshift table and organizer is just an efficient use of your space. Plus if you get stalled out of ideas, you can always take a quick nap and boost that brain power.

Kissing and Hugging and Lots and Lots of Holiday Affection

#2 – Kissing and Hugging and Lots and Lots of Holiday Affection

The bedroom is the best when you’re feeling the holiday spirit and want to show your loved one. While it can be exciting to take your love to other rooms of the house, we have a feeling you’re always going to return back to the bedroom. It’s the perfect place to experiment because both parties are comfy and feeling intimate. You might smooch under a mistletoe this holiday season, but if you’re looking to do more, bring that holiday spirit into bed.

Shopping, Dealing, and Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

#1 – Shopping, Dealing, and Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

Thanks to computers and phones, we don’t even have to leave the comfort of our beds to find the best deals. Shopping from bed is way better than being outside. No crowds, no stress, and the stuff you want to buy doesn’t run out nearly as often. Plus, you get to have snacks with you at all times! Relax, take some time for yourself, and get that shopping done in the bedroom. You’ll never look back.


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