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Best RV Extended Warranty Policy

The question provokes strong opinions in the RVing community: is an extended RV warranty worth the investment? Some RVers think warranties are worthless, while others say they’ve…

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Springtime is a great time to get an extended RV Warranty

March is a slow month for extended RV warranties. Snowbirds are packing up and heading home as the weather starts warming, but the summer travel season is…

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How RV Extended Warranties Work for Motorhomes and Travel Trailers

For RV owners, using an extended warranty is a simple, straightforward process. The repair facility and the plan administrator do most of the work to get you…

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RV Extended Warranty Price Comparison

RV owners can obtain extended warranty coverage for their RV from two different sources: the RV dealership (usually at the time of purchase) or an online warranty…

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RV Extended Warranty Cost

When it comes to RV extended warranties, costs can vary widely, from roughly $1,000 for a year or two of coverage for a travel trailer to $20,000…

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RV Extended Warranty Plans

Not all RV extended warranties are created equal. When comparing companies and plans, expect to see differences in cost, deductible, term length, benefits, and covered items. Plans…

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